Literacy in Physics

How can we help students require a command of the appropriate vocabulary?

Stop IT
"I can use a range of strategies and resources independently and ensure that my spelling, including specialist vocabulary, is accurate." LIT 4-21a

Past vocabulary into a Wordle
Alter the layout (no of words, horizontal/vertical, font, colour) until pupils are happy with appearance.
Pupils say they prefer visual prompts with
  • not too many words (Wordle defaults to 150, I use 50)
  • only horizontal words (vertical is too difficult to read)
  • words in one large cluster ("sticking out" words are distracting)
  • matching colours (clashing colours or bright text on white background is harder to read)
  • more on this here.

How can we help pupils to explain or sequence information? (Cause & Effect)

"I can convey information and describe events, explain processes or concepts, providing substantiating evidence, and synthesise ideas or opinions in different ways." LIT 4-28a

Start with a question & answer.
Pupils work in pairs.
Decide on the "best" answer and write down the reasons for their choice.
Build a collaborative mind map of the things that make an answer "good".
Use the mind map as a prompt for peer assessment of describe/explain/justify questions. (SG/H)
More about this stuff here.

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2008: 19/70
2007: 13/70
2006: 5/70 !!!